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We all have groups of people that are important to us. See how people all around the world use Facebook Groups to stay connected, make plans or talk about what matters to them.

  • Donda's House
    Donda's House

    "Got Bars is a life-changing music program by the Donda's House organization in Chicago. Each semester, aspiring artists come together for classes on creative writing, studio recording and health and wellness. We use a group to organize ourselves during the program and to stay close to our music family after it ends."

    — Kelsey Riley, Chicago, Illinois

    Watch a video about Donda's House above.

  • Familia Moya
    Familia Moya

    "My parents moved from Mexico to Texas with the hope for a brighter future for their kids. But as my six siblings and I pursued college and careers, our family spread out across the country. My parents never imagined their dream for a better future would separate our family this way. To stay close, we created a private group where we can share funny photos and stories, as well as deep moments we all go through."

    — Yonathan Moya, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Lads Annual Camping Trip 2015
    Lads Annual Camping Trip 2015

    "My friends and I have gotten together for a camping trip every year since 2011. We went to high school together in New Zealand so it started as a trip to celebrate the end of school. Now we've all graduated and live in different spots, but we still make the trip work. We use a group to plan all our ideas to make the trip even better than the previous. Our next one is in January, which is sure to be fun and a little crazy, just like always."

    —Tom Healey, Hinuera, New Zealand

  • Odonto Unig 2014 Nova Iguaçu
    Odonto Unig 2014 Nova Iguaçu

    "I am studying dentistry at Universidade Iguaçu in Brazil, and as class representative I started a Facebook Group for everyone to share information in a single place. We put everything related to our course there: dates of tests, papers, materials and interesting links about dentistry. Dental students can be competitive, but the group brings us together."

    — William De Oliviera Barbosa, Nova Iguaçu, Brazil

  • Besties

    "Sometimes there are silly posts you want to share with a group of good friends and not the rest of your friend list. I made a closed Facebook Group for my eight best friends in 2010. We've known each other for almost 10 years, and though some of us are now in Malaysia, Hong Kong, England, Singapore and Japan, we stay connected."

    — Rickeez Tan, Tokyo, Japan

  • RSPB Phoenix Official
    RSPB Phoenix Official

    "RSPB Phoenix is the teen division of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. To say I felt like the only teenager who did birdwatching was an understatement, so this group was a way to meet others with the same interests. We use a group to share photos, artwork and articles about nature. We also help each other identify species of birds or insects. The group lets us see we aren’t alone in appreciating nature."

    — Leanne T., Northamptonshire, UK

  • Make It Happen - Summer Camp 2014
    Make It Happen - Summer Camp 2014

    "I made a group for my campmates and counselors at a leadership camp in the Philippines. The camp brought us together like family, and the group became the place to share our photos, videos and other memories. Now we use the group to update each other on our lives and organize events to see everyone again."

    — Julian Jan Santos, Quezon City, Philippines

  • Just Us Moms
    Just Us Moms

    "As a stay-at-home-mom of two little boys, I found myself often posting Facebook statuses seeking advice, but I'd hesitate, knowing that many of my friends are not moms or wouldn't want to see all my questions. So I created a group and invited just my girlfriends with kids. A few have added their friends, and we use the group as a private space to ask questions and help each other with all kinds of things that come with being a mom."

    — Angela Flesher, Saline, Michigan

  • Treehouse

    "I'm a product manager at Facebook, and when our team set out to build a new Facebook Groups app (codename: Treehouse), we started a secret group for all our ideas and planning. Yes, we made a Facebook Group to work on Facebook Groups. It helped us stay organized and collaborate every step of the way. The app is now available in all countries on Android and iOS."

    — Shirley Sun, Menlo Park, California

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