Landing a Dream Job

Landing a Dream Job

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Becoming a flight attendant is a dream career for many people, but landing the job isn't easy. In fact, it is hard work. Last year, Delta received 100,000 applications for only 400 jobs. Harvard has a higher acceptance rate!

I know what that dream feels like, and I had the chance to see it come true in 2006 when I earned my wings. I worked as a flight attendant and inflight instructor until I hung up my wings when I had my first child in 2011. Even though I’m not a flight attendant anymore, people still ask me about my glamorous life as a flight attendant.

I was asked so often that I decided I needed to put together what I had learned in a way that made it easy to share my experience and that could help more people pursue their passion and land their dream job. Last year, I self-published my first book, Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dream into Reality. Seeing my book for sale on Amazon was amazing. The book even made it to the top of the Job Hunting and Aviation categories and was featured as a “Hot New Release.”

When you self-publish a book, you are responsible for all the marketing and getting it in front of the right people. I had a small mommy blog at the time, but no real platform to reach my niche, so I decided to try everything I could think of. One of the marketing ideas I came across was to start a Facebook Group.

I was already part of an amazing and inspiring group for entrepreneurs lead by author Jon Acuff, and I wanted to build a similar vibrant community for people who wanted to fly. I called my group Flight Attendant Career Connection. My goal for the group was to promote my book by creating a place for interview tips, job postings and general encouragement. I wanted to offer a place where people could build relationships with others who had similar goals.

Two months after the launch of my book, the group had doubled in size. From six people to twelve. The growth was not what I had hoped, and I knew I needed a way to get the group moving.

I got the idea to mention the group on a job search site for flight attendants. The requests started rolling in and soon hundreds of people joined. The new members started asking questions and interacting. I was able to help people and promote my book. People began to tell their friends about the group and share it in other forums for aspiring flight attendants. In only five weeks, the group was up to 1,000 members. As I answered questions and provided more advice, I started to get requests for personal coaching.

I love helping people and because I understand what people are going through trying to achieve their dreams, I agreed to do some one-on-one video coaching to help the hopefuls prepare for their interviews. Applicants are judged heavily on personality, how they interact with others and their ability to clearly communicate. As the request for coaching increased, I decided to formalize and monetize my coaching program.

Now I do coaching three times a week, which is perfect as a stay-at-home mom of two little ones. I also host a free monthly webinar. I miss being a flight attendant every day, and having the chance to talk about the career and the industry I love is a dream job that fits my lifestyle.

In just over a year, the Facebook Group has grown to more than 7,000 members. It's amazing what's developed there. It's not just me offering resources to a bunch of people who want to become flight attendants. It's a whole community of people who support and encourage each other. People share their own advice and experience. People wish each other well before an interview. People congratulate members who have earned their wings. And people are there for each other when disappointment comes.

It is especially inspiring when we have members who post in the group when they received their invitations to an interview and then before training and then on graduation day. Participating in the entire journey is pretty cool. I’ve also had the chance to work with people who think it’s too late for them. Some of my clients think that they should have tried when they were younger and now that their kids are grown and they are free to dream again, it’s too late. But it’s not too late for them and seeing pictures of them at graduation and then visiting destinations around the world is amazing. I’ve even had the chance to coach a young man I used to babysit. He’ll be earning his flight attendant wings in just a few weeks.

Another thing that has been inspiring is the connections that have been made in the group. Walking into a room of 85 strangers for an interview can be intimidating, but usually, there is more than one candidate from the Flight Attendant Career Connection group at any given interview and having an instant connection with someone can make all the difference when it comes to nerves. A few weeks ago, two people who met in the group carpooled from New Jersey to Denver for an interview.

My book, Facebook Group and coaching have helped more people than I could have ever imagined. I receive thank-you emails or comments every day, and they always make me stop and appreciate the wonderful piece of the internet that I get to oversee. I have now helped hundreds of people achieve something that was once just a dream, and that’s not a bad gig.

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