People come to Facebook to connect with the things they care about the most. For many people, that includes Mom.

Take Sheena Sharma, for instance. She and her mother Sunanda have always been very close, so when Sheena decided to leave India and move to the US, she worried about how she and her mom would be able to handle the distance. Then shortly after Sheena moved, Sunanda surprised her by joining Facebook. Sheena says this has made all the difference in keeping them connected across continents and time zones. See more about their story in the video at the top of the page.

We wanted to learn more about long-distance families, so our data team looked at moms and children who live far apart. One of these moms is Jamie Lynn Allenbaugh-Letterman from Alaska. She has three biological daughters — one lives in Alaska with her, one lives in Washington state, and one lives in Canada. She also keeps in touch with a young woman from Hong Kong and another from Hungary who she considers daughters after supporting them 10 years ago as part of a youth exchange program. Jamie Lynn says she relies on Facebook and Messenger to stay connected with them on a daily basis.

For a look at other far-flung families, this map shows the connections between 15 moms and their kids on Facebook who are spread across the greatest total distance.

We also looked at how people in different countries interact with their mothers on Facebook, and found that people in Thailand have the highest level of engagement with their moms.

When it comes to what people say to their moms on Facebook, children are full of love, laughter and gratitude. Here are the most common words people use in posts to their mothers, based on posts made between January 2015 and April 2015.

Top Words

  • Love

  • LOL

  • Mom

  • Happy/birthday

  • Amo
  • Thanks

  • Haha

  • Good

  • xx / xxx
 (symbol for kisses)
  • Mama

  • Mum

  • Mãe
  • Gracias
  • Hope

  • Cute

  • Mami
  • Linda
  • Momma

  • Best

  • Beautiful

Top Phrases

  • I love you

  • Love you too

  • Happy birthday mom

  • Love you mom

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s recognize the special bond between moms and their kids today and every day.

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