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In times of crisis, being able to connect with your friends and loved ones and know that they’re safe is all that matters.

Sabina Gurung was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, but came to the US to go to college in 2005. After the earthquake in April, Sabina says she was frantic and immediately tried calling her mom, dad, sister and brother, but no one was reachable. Over the next several hours, she used Facebook and Safety Check to find information about her family.

“The Safety Check feature of Facebook allowed me to have peace of heart,” Sabina says. “I knew my friends and family were okay back home.”

After a second earthquake, people were more familiar with Safety Check. Sabina knew it was the best way to find out if everyone was OK. She didn't even try to call home this time. Right away, her family and friends marked themselves and others they knew as safe.

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