I Helped My Husband Find His Daughter Through Facebook

I Helped My Husband Find His Daughter Through Facebook

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Long before I married my husband, Mike was a Marine stationed in California from 1960 to 1964. When he was in California he married a woman who lived there. They had a baby girl in January 1965, and named her Michelle.

They divorced when Michelle was 3. Mike had to leave California to go back to Indiana where he's from. Michelle and her mom moved and being so far away, he lost contact with her. I married Mike in 1996 and over the years I tried to find Michelle for Mike. I never had any success.

My husband is now 70 and has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. We were on our way to Indianapolis for a doctor's appointment, and I asked my husband to give me his ex-wife's name and maiden name and the correct spelling. I had searched Facebook in the past with no luck, but this time I got a hit!

Michelle's mother had recently joined Facebook using her maiden name along with her married name. She did not have a profile picture and her hometown was listed as Kansas so I was not sure yet if I had the right person. I searched her friend list for a Michelle. She had one friend with the name Michelle Bennani-Smires, but from what I could tell she lived in Paris, France.

When I looked at her profile picture, though, I told my husband, “I found your daughter.” He said, “You're kidding! How do you know it is her?” I said, “She looks just like you!”

I sent Michelle a message but she never got it. I watched that message for three weeks, waiting for it to have that little checkmark to show she seen it, but it never did. So I decided to pay the $1 and send Mike's ex-wife a message that would go to her inbox. It was about two hours and she got the message and wrote me back.

She talked to Michelle to make sure she wanted us to contact her, and then we video chatted a few days later. About three and a half weeks after that, we were on a plane to France. Michelle is married and has three beautiful daughters. She moved to Paris 20 years ago to be with her husband. While we were visiting, Michelle's daughter Leila made this video that she showed us the night before we left.

If it were not for Facebook, this would not of happened. My husband Mike and his daughter Michelle are so happy. The granddaughters are so thrilled with finding him. I have never seen so many people so happy, and it's thanks to Facebook.

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