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Weaving Connections

An Artist Collaborates with Craftswomen in Kenya

Feb 04, 2014
Samburu County, Kenya

Facebook makes the world smaller by connecting people who would otherwise be worlds apart.

Andrea Mihalik, of New Jersey, creates unique and artistic chairs by adding new materials to vintage furniture for her business Wild Chairy. On a trip to Kenya last year, Andrea met the people of Kiltamany, a small village four hours outside Nairobi.

Almost immediately, Andrea knew that she wanted to collaborate with the village’s craftswomen, using some of their incredible woven beadwork for one of her designs. Through Facebook Messages, Andrea was able to stay in contact with them and commission the women to make panels for two of her chairs.

The proceeds from one of the chairs will be donated to a school in the village to advance women's education in the region.

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