Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories is a project that celebrates the interesting and meaningful things that happen because of the connections people make on Facebook.

How can I get featured on Facebook Stories?

Please submit your story through our submission form. Someone from our team may then contact you for more information.

Are these stories real?

Yes. All the stories featured on Facebook Stories were submitted to us by people like you or were found by people on our team.

I submitted my story already. Why haven’t you featured it?

Thanks for sharing your story. We receive many submissions and even though we’d like to, can’t feature all of the stories that come in. If we decide to feature your story, we’ll try to follow up with you within a few weeks after receiving your submission.

How will I know when my story has been featured?

If your story is being considered, someone from our team will contact you before we publish it.

I want to report a problem I’m having on Facebook. Can you help?

If you’re experiencing an issue on Facebook, please visit our Help Center or report a problem.